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apothekin private members club agreement

The Club

apothekin is a private members club for those of mankind seeking knowledge and access to natural remedies privately as a woman or man only; it has been created as the safest way to deliver and protect the benefits offered to members without the intrusion of agents acting for those who seek to limit our natural rights; 

apothekin is a private initiative created as the private property of i: a man; Gregory James;

Benefits of Membership

apothekin seeks to support the needs of members in the following ways by offering:

  • access to natural remedies through the members website and by mail order;
  • information to support your journey towards health sovereignty;
  • information and resources to help members build apothecaries in their local community;
Rules of the Club

i agree that:

  • in this club i relate as a man or woman in the private only;
  • all remedies and other creations are offered for compensation by donation only;
  • any information, suggestions or guidance are offered as the private opinion of a wo/man;
  • i take full responsibility and all risk for my actions with any information provided within this club;
  • any problems or issues within the club will be settled with honour in the private;
  • the content shared in apothekin club is the private property of the wo/man who created and shared it;

Notice to Agents

any man or woman acting as an agent to collect data for the purposes of investigation or other commercial benefit is forbidden from joining this private club; any data collected and shared with a commercial agency will be considered a trespass by way of piracy, entrapment and barratry and will be your immediate agreement to pay i: a man; Gregory James the sum of £200,000 plus £20 a minute whilst the trespass continues.